First Artifact at The National Museum of the United States Army

Southland takes great pride in every project we do for each of our customers, but there is no greater pride than being able to build a museum to hold historic artifacts for this great nation’s military.  The National Museum of the United States Army is the most recent museum that we are honored in taking part of building.  Still under construction, this past Monday, July 31st, we witnessed the first artifact, the M3 Bradley Cavalry Fighting Vehicle, being brought to display in the museum.  According to the Military Times, this vehicle was the lead vehicle in the 2003 charge from Kuwait to Baghdad. With the help of Southland Concrete and other subcontractors in the field the vehicle could be placed in its designated location on the massive foundation installed by Southland. 

With the project currently on schedule, Southland will continue to work diligently with the general contractor and other subcontractors to finish this wonderful project and create this safe space for our Army’s history.  We are excited to see what other artifacts will be brought in to be placed in the museum throughout our time there.

It goes without saying that Southland will continue “Setting the Pace” and make this another successful project not just for us, but for our nation.

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Military Times. (2017). 27-ton Bradley lifted into Army Museum. [online] Available at: [Accessed 4 Aug. 2017].

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